Hotel Offers

Always check prices with Hotel’s own reservation system and then compare to online reservation portals. Some hotels have special offers available to bookings made through their own official online reservations system only.

 Book direct with the hotel and pay less or get a free service.

Xenia Hotel

Book direct and get your breakfast for free

Xenia Hotel in Naxos TownIn Naxos Town, 15 meters to sea front

Beautiful, decorated in the minimalist style, the Xenia Hotel offers a comfortable stay. Open all year round, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast for bookings made direct with the hotel.

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Venetiko Apartments

Book direct and save up to 40%

Venetiko Apartments in Naxos Old TownIn Naxos Old Town

Venetiko Apartments are located right next to the famous Venetian Castle (Kastro) of Naxos in Old Naxos Town. All the apartments are spacious and fully equipped. Free Wi-Fi.

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Emery Boutique Apartments

Book direct and save up to 18%

Emery Naxos ApartmentsIn Naxos Town

Brand new and spacious and luxurious apartments for a comfortable & pleasant stay at a convenient location in Naxos Town. Free Wi-Fi.

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